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Psycho-Diagnostic Testing

What does comprehensive psycho-diagnoistic testing look like?


A powerful character¬-driven, self¬-reflective tool, that can optimize the student¬-athlete’s performance on and off the field

Concussion Testing

Assessment and treatment of concussion

The Intersection of Clinical and Sport Psychology

The Development of New Jersey Clinical & Sport Psychology

About Dr. Macri

To create a highly customized program to help individuals reach their optimum potential. We take a comprehensive approach to understand the challenges our clients face on a daily basis. We strive to turn these challenges into positive and measurable outcomes. We help individuals by teaching evidence-based techniques which can be applied directly to the workplace, athletics and social/emotional functioning. Our clients learn how to perform effectively by increasing focus and attention, setting specific goals, decreasing negative emotions and increasing confidence. Whether you are an adolescent, professional in the workplace, competitive athlete, or an individual adapting to a life transition, we can help you to articulate and achieve your personal goals.

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Psychological Skills Training: How are you preparing in the off-season?

By now, many of the high school and college teams have concluded their Spring season. It is a great time to review, revise, and create new goals.  Perhaps if we...

Maximize Your Marathon Mindset

NJ Marathon Psyching Teams have provided an invaluable resource to runners who have chosen to participate in the full or half marathon. Runners benefit from having someone to speak with...

Returning Home: Career Choices and College Decisions

I am looking forward to being a part of Don Bosco Preparatory School’s Annual Career Day.  I get the opportunity to speak to Juniors and Seniors on the college selection...

Youth Sport Specialization: Build a Solid Foundation

Greg Olsen, New Jersey native and tight end for the Carolina Panthers, makes a great point as he discussing some of the negatives associated with early sport specialization.  Below are...

Parenting: Make Your Child Resilient

With the increased demands being placed on our youth in school and sports, our worry can make us forget our parenting objectives: to create well-adjusted, resilient and secure children.

Bergen County Sport Psychologist

The Buzz about Executive Functioning

This is a resource for parents struggling to understand some of the trends associated with boosting academic performance. Over the past decade there has been an abundance of literature focusing...

Concussion: Prevention is Better than Recovery

The article, “Winter Sports Brain Injury Prevention Tips” lists some useful tips to use while enjoying winter sports.   Part of enjoying a sport is making sure that you can continue...

Ridgewood NJ Sport Psychology

Make the New Year’s Resolution Stick

Moderate cardiovascular exercise performed for 30 minutes 3-4 times per week has a significant impact on numerous chronic diseases, mood, brain (cognitive) functioning, and depression (CDC, 1995). The health benefits...

Managing Stress In Academics, Sports and Life

When we come in contact with stressor in life, the body goes through physiological changes.  It’s a basic fight or flight response that cues the body for action. This response...

“Psych up your game” Another Lesson learned from the Pros

I read an article I loved  and thought it would be helpful to share and offer my own thoughts. The article that inspired me to write this article can be accessed by clicking here.   I...