Last night I had the privilege of spending time with fellow alumni to honor individuals who have given back so much to the Don Bosco Prep community.  I was able to re-connect with faculty and teachers who had taught me how to be a better person and student. Twenty five years after I graduated, it still amazes me how Dr. Scanlon can recall where I lived as well as my bus route number.  I also had the opportunity to thank Mr. Paul O’Connor, my AP English Teacher, for teaching me how to write and read effectively.  In his class, I read books of such difficulty (i.e., Ulysses) that were never even touched at the college level. His class challenged me to my ability and beyond. With over 23 years of academic training, he has remained my favorite teacher. Finally, Mr. Lou Casella, my Honors US History 1 teacher, was honored with the Distinguished Salesian Educator Award. He is another great man who instilled an appreciation for History.

I am grateful to be a part of this community and thankful that my teachers challenged me to my potential.  They gave me the tools I needed to succeed well beyond the halls of Don Bosco Prep.

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