Chasing the Runner’s High

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Maryrose Mullen in New Jersey Monthly Magazine.  The article highlights the psychological benefits of running. If you are looking to alleviate stress, increase feelings of euphoria (albeit temporarily), and elevate self-esteem, then running may be a great form of exercise.  Once we begin this activity and experience “Runners High”, we are reinforced both biologically and psychologically.  We accomplish physical goals we have set for ourselves, we become part of a larger community of runners, and we achieve cardiovascular fitness.  Each of these are individual reasons to continue further in this activity. Pick one reason and go running.  It will give you a great return on your investment of time. Run safely and have fun.  Most importantly, let me know if you experience the “Runners High”.

I would love for you to read the entire article.  Please click on the image below.