Career Day 2017- Welcome Home

It is always an honor as I return to the sacred halls as an alumni of Don Bosco Prep to speak about how I arrived at my chosen career path as a clinical and sport  psychologist.  It is an opportunity to give back to an institution that started me on my way.  I only hope these juniors and seniors are ready to absorb the vast amount of knowledge and expertise presented to them by fellow alumni.   Perhaps if they are able to walk away with a few kernels of wisdom, we will have done our job.  This year is even more special as I have realized that it is the 25th year since I graduated from DBP high school. Time Flies!!!  It only feels like a moment ago I was sitting in the same auditorium as a student.  I think all parties involved can learn something from each other.  Stay tuned to find out what I learned as I am welcomed home.

Career Day 2016  -Reflections from Returning Home: Career Choices and College Decisions

What a great experience it was to be a part of the Career Day 2016 at Don Bosco Prep. Being a part of a panel, which included professionals from many different careers such as professional athletes, orthopaedic surgeons, CEO’s of major corporations, engineers, policemen, as well as other business professionals, enabled me to listen to successful alumni that offered a wealth of information to the future generation of Don Bosco Prep Ironmen.

Below are a few kernels of wisdom that were stated by the Don Bosco Prep Alumni:

Cast A Big Net – Make sure the college you choose has your first and second choice in major fields of study.  A significant percentage of college students change their major.  This can keep options open later in case your career preferences change.

Create A Thriving Social And Professional Network – Create a Linkedin profile and connect with  alumni and professionals in your area of interest. Two members of my panel already knew each other  from a Career Day at Don Bosco that occurred nine years earlier.  The younger alumnus, then a DBP student, had taken the business card of the Don Bosco Prep business professional (older alumnus). As he worked his way through college and his career, he sought career advice from the older alumnus. Today, they are both professionals in finance.

Tap Into The Alumni Network – Once you are in college, use the alumni network to obtain internships and job experience.

Work Your Passion – While money can be a powerful motivator, you will find it much easier to wake up each morning if you enjoy your career. This becomes even more important when you are in your occupation 25-30 years.

Don’t Be Scared To Work Long Hours – Many of the professionals discussed working 12-18 hour days when they first entered the workforce.

Establishing Strong Work Habits Earlier In High School Will Assist You Well Past The Academics In College – The earlier this realization occurs, the more opportunity and career choice you will create academically and professionally.

I also had the opportunity to hear a presentation from the CEO of Shake Shack, Mr. Randy Garutti (Class of 1993).  He spoke to the juniors and seniors regarding his career journey.  I found it particularly inspiring as he displayed the slide that had career goals he drew on a cocktail napkin years earlier.  Mr. Garutti was well on his way to achieving the personal career goals he set for himself. Additionally, he had sage advice than anyone can benefit from:


Lift Others

Run Harder Against Yourself Than You Did Yesterday

Be Present

Maximize the value of the gifts you have been given

The Don Bosco Prep Career Day 2016 was a reflective experience.  As I looked around the campus, I realized that I am a part of something greater than myself.  While I did not realize it many years earlier, I began to understand why I decided to attend Don Bosco Prep. It is a place that truly empowered young men to achieve their full potential academically, athletically and spiritually.  Even though many people are enamoured solely with Don Bosco Prep Sports, as I am,  they need to realize that the mission of the school is so much greater than sport.  As I stood next to my fellow alumni who volunteered their time, I felt proud to be a part of the DBP family. In the end, I felt as though I received more than I gave to the students.  Don Bosco Prep facilitated the creation of a solid foundation. The school empowered us to be something better.  These men actualized their potential.  I hope the next generation of Ironmen do the same.   Thank you for a great day!