A prolific author, scholar and practitioner, Kate Hayes, Ph.D. presented this article to me a few weeks ago.  Sometimes a great quote stays with us for a while: “Give 100 percent of 80 percent”  Many people are under the impression that sport/performance psychology is all about peak performance all the time.  This article speaks of the reality of human performance  There are many times when we do not have our “A” game. Times when we are sick, over-worked, or over-training and not in the right frame of mind.  What should we do?  I always say, “Go with what you have that day”. Performance is a process where there will be plateaus, valleys and less often peaks.  As you read the article, note that Dr. Hayes references other great names in the field , Dr. Ken Ravizza and Dr. Colleen Hacker.  Give it a read.  I hope you gain as much from it as I did.