John E. Macri, Ph.D., CC-AASP, a clinical and sport psychologist, from New Jersey Clinical and Sport Psychology in Ridgewood, NJ will present to the Allendale Soccer Association on  psychological skills training for soccer.  This workshop will address the following areas:

  1. Development Models of Soccer:
    • What is important at each stage of development
    • How to coach your player in a manner that is developmentally appropriate
  2. Learn how to increase athlete’s attention to the most important aspects of play.
  3. Learn how to speak to your athlete to maximize learning and motivation
  4. Learn the benefits of self-talk for soccer
  5. Learn how to manage the dual role of parenting and coaching

Time: August 17th 2017 , 7- 8:30

Place: Lee Memorial Library, Allendale, NJ