A few years ago I was able to attend this moving program as told from the perspective of TJ’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Cefcik.  I found it heartfelt, courageous and empowering. Please take the opportunity to attend the program and learn how to address teen depression proactively.  If you would like to learn more about TJ’s story , please click on the link https://www.rememberingtj.org/.

I am hoping to complement the program by providing data for teens and parents to build awareness around depression as well as engage in constructive conversations and interventions.  Additionally, I will be available to answer questions you might have with regard to this topic. Hope to see you there!

When: Monday January 21st, 2019

Where: Academy of St. Paul (cafeteria) 187 Wycoff Ave. Ramsey, NJ

Time: 7-9pm

Seating is limited.  Please call the parish center 201-327-0976 to reserve your spot.