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Intellectual and Educational Development

Career Day 2017- Welcome Home

Career Day 2017- Welcome Home It is always an honor as I return to the sacred halls as an alumni of Don Bosco Prep to speak about how I arrived...

Returning Home: Career Choices and College Decisions

I am looking forward to being a part of Don Bosco Preparatory School’s Annual Career Day.  I get the opportunity to speak to Juniors and Seniors on the college selection...

Bergen County Sport Psychologist

The Buzz about Executive Functioning

This is a resource for parents struggling to understand some of the trends associated with boosting academic performance. Over the past decade there has been an abundance of literature focusing...

A Student’s Promise To Perform Better

As the first quarter of school comes to an end, the novelty of the new school year has worn off for both parents and students.  A child’s repeated empty promise...

Bergen County Academic Achievement

Back to School Basics – Help your child increase academic achievement

Turn fear into excitement with mental preparation. Here are a few tips that may help your child increase academic achievement and perform well in school.