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NBA Player Employs Sport Psychologist To Work On Specific Psychological Skills

My commentary– This article is a great example of how athletes employ a sport psychologist to work on specific psychological skills.  Nik presents with a history of fleeting self-confidence and...

Parenting: Make Your Child Resilient

With the increased demands being placed on our youth in school and sports, our worry can make us forget our parenting objectives: to create well-adjusted, resilient and secure children.

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The Buzz about Executive Functioning

This is a resource for parents struggling to understand some of the trends associated with boosting academic performance. Over the past decade there has been an abundance of literature focusing...

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Make the New Year’s Resolution Stick

Moderate cardiovascular exercise performed for 30 minutes 3-4 times per week has a significant impact on numerous chronic diseases, mood, brain (cognitive) functioning, and depression (CDC, 1995). The health benefits...

Managing Stress In Academics, Sports and Life

When we come in contact with stressor in life, the body goes through physiological changes.  It’s a basic fight or flight response that cues the body for action. This response...

Light The Motivational Fire Within Your Child

I had the opportunity to take my four-year-old son, Samuel, on a kayak adventure on a beautiful lake in Syracuse, NY. I loved being a part of his excitement as...

The Mental Aspects Of Sport Performance From The Big Leagues To Youth

I read a great article in the New York Times today titled, “Mets’ Psychologist Helps Players Catch Their Breath“. This article highlights relaxation, imagery, and rehabilitation from injury as some...

Developing The Whole Athlete – For Lasting Gains Across the Life Span

Recently, I have been honored by becoming a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Sport Psychology Registry for the 2013—2016 quadrennium.  This has allowed me to see how...

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Back to School Basics – Help your child increase academic achievement

Turn fear into excitement with mental preparation. Here are a few tips that may help your child increase academic achievement and perform well in school.

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Fall Back into Sport – Giving Your Child A Competitive Edge In Sports

North Jersey Sports Teams lead the nation in talent. A student athlete does not become an elite player overnight. It takes work and dedication long before the beginning of the season.