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Psycho-Diagnostic Testing

What does comprehensive psycho-diagnoistic testing look like?


A powerful character¬-driven, self¬-reflective tool, that can optimize the student¬-athlete’s performance on and off the field

Concussion Testing

Assessment and treatment of concussion

The Intersection of Clinical and Sport Psychology

The Development of New Jersey Clinical & Sport Psychology

About Dr. Macri

To create a highly customized program to help individuals reach their optimum potential. We take a comprehensive approach to understand the challenges our clients face on a daily basis. We strive to turn these challenges into positive and measurable outcomes. We help individuals by teaching evidence-based techniques which can be applied directly to the workplace, athletics and social/emotional functioning. Our clients learn how to perform effectively by increasing focus and attention, setting specific goals, decreasing negative emotions and increasing confidence. Whether you are an adolescent, professional in the workplace, competitive athlete, or an individual adapting to a life transition, we can help you to articulate and achieve your personal goals.

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Career Day 2017- Welcome Home It is always an honor as I return to the sacred halls as an alumni of Don Bosco Prep to speak about how I arrived...

Performance Anxiety: The Waiting Place & What If

Toby, not his real name, was an elite New Jersey high school wrestler trying to finish the season on a high note. He had a strong regular-season with great accolades...

Technology and Well Being

I just finished reading a great article entitled Disconnected. This article highlights how wedded the younger generation is to technology and smart phones.  As a child of the 80s, my...

Finding Motivation from Champions

On January 25th, we celebrated the birthday of one of my favorite athletic figures, Steve Prefontaine.  He was one of the most captivating individuals who held a series of records...

5 Tools To Maintain Mental Focus During Races

5 Tools To Maintain Mental Focus During Races

Chasing the Runner’s High

Dr. John Macri Interviewed by NJ Monthly For Article

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Maryrose Mullen in New Jersey Monthly Magazine.  The article highlights the psychological benefits of running. If you are looking to alleviate stress, increase...

Intelligence Testing Demystified

I was recently asked the following question by a parent, "What does the FSIQ score mean?".

Don Bosco Prep Gala 2016- A Chance to Celebrate and Give Thanks!

Last night I had the privilege of spending time with fellow alumni to honor individuals who have given back so much to the Don Bosco Prep community.  I was able...

NBA Player Employs Sport Psychologist To Work On Specific Psychological Skills

My commentary– This article is a great example of how athletes employ a sport psychologist to work on specific psychological skills.  Nik presents with a history of fleeting self-confidence and...

A Tribute and Commentary on Bruce Springsteen: “This Depression”

Thank you Bruce Springsteen!!! I am a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen.  I was turned onto his music later in life and was hooked for many reasons. His lyrics have...